Reflection #2: Communication Experience

For my “silent experience”, I was at my job. I work as a crew member on boats cruising out of Baltimore and Annapolis. My tasks during my silence included cleaning the boat and assisting the captain with necessary tasks, with help from another crew member. I was only able to be silent for the minimum of 2 hours due to my requirements at work. The other crew member and I had to communicate to delegate the different tasks. The captain and I also had to communicate to find out if there were any specific jobs/areas of the boat he wanted us to take care of. I used my cell phone to text when possible. I also used pen and paper to communicate back and forth with the captain and crew. I used my hands a lot to point, which helped with the communication process slightly. 


This assignment was a bit more challenging than I expected. My coworkers understood my assignment so they were helpful. However, I slipped up a lot and would forget I couldn’t verbally give answers, instructions, or ask questions. They cooperated with the rules very well and did not respond to anything I verbally communicated. I am not a huge fan of texting, especially when whatever is being said would be much easier to explain over the phone or face-to-face. The task of only texting or using pen and paper to communicate got frustrating not long into the 2 hours. It was difficult to fully explain what I wanted to say through that method.


My appreciation for the blessings I have, specifically the gift of speech, was greatly improved from this assignment. I found losing the ability to speak for just 2 hours was much more challenging than I was prepared for. I also realized how lucky we are to have different types of technology to assist with effective communication. I have a greater respect for all people that have any kind of disability or factor that doesn’t allow for them to communicate freely, effectively, or communicate at all. I like to talk a lot, so it was quite a challenge to lose that ability. It unfortunately caused me to not want to communicate as much because it was more difficult to do so. 


2 thoughts on “Reflection #2: Communication Experience

  1. I enjoyed reading about your experience with this assignment. I can not imagine using the two hours of silence at my job whereas my job is to communicate with people throughout the day. I liked how you handled the assignment. I know that texting and writing things down with a pen and paper can be difficult but it just shows that we can communicate in so many different ways and people that are disabled in this way are not restricted on what they can do or what jobs they can do. It is enlightening to see how good we have it compared to the other side and to not take that for granted. Great post!

  2. I really enjoyed reading your “silent experience” because you chose to be silent during work, one setting that I had not come across yet and was certainly more of a challenge than mine, which was going to class. I think it’s great that you utilized your cellphone when communicating with your coworkers, I also used technology available to me to communicate (my laptop). You mentioned that after 2 hours it was difficult to fully explain your thoughts by using just your cellphone. I can relate to this frustration because during the silent 2 hours (like when my roommate asked to borrow my shirt), I chose not to go to the trouble of fully explaining my thoughts as to avoid difficulty. I like that you included your appreciations for speech as a “blessing”, I definitely agree. After this experience, I without a doubt consider speech to be a blessing and a gift.

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