Reflection #3: Autism Spectrum Disorder – Parent Blogs

I chose Autism Daddy’s blog for this reflection. It is an anonymous blog written by a 43 year-old father of a 10 year-old boy. He refers to his son as “Kyle” in the blog. Kyle is on the severe end of ASD. Autism Daddy is married and has no other children.

The thing that makes Kyle different from most of the children written about in the other blogs is he is epileptic. He was diagnosed in May of last year. Autism Daddy now also calls himself Autism and Epilepsy Daddy. Kyle had surgery to implant a device that sends out electronic waves to his brain that are supposed to decrease frequency and severity of his seizures. According to his father, it has not done much yet but knows its in the early stages and hopes things will change. Kyle is also on medications for his seizures, one of which makes him drowsy so Autism Daddy and his wife have started weening him off of it.

This blog is mainly an outlet for Autism Daddy to vent and share stories, not provide resources. It talks mostly about the family’s every day lives and how Kyle is doing. The blogger uses many photos, some videos, occasional humor, and quotes from other blogs that he reads. What I liked most about this blog was a post titled, “Autism Parents, There are Other Parents Who Have it Worse Than Us Ya Know…”. It was about not using having a child with ASD as an excuse or pass for things, especially the doctors and hospitals, because other people could be in a worse situation. He was thankful that his son JUST had ASD and Epilepsy, where as in most of his posts, that is his complaint. What I liked least about this blog was Autism Daddy’s style of writing. It was written out in thoughts so it was sometimes hard to follow and it didn’t flow very well. However, knowing this is his outlet to vent and it is not meant to be professional, I definitely was able to look past that and enjoyed reading his stories.

One resource I would recommend for this family would be Autism Speaks research, information, advice, and additional resources just for individuals with Autism and Epilepsy. TACA (Talk About Curing Autism) also had many alternative non-drug treatments which I think the family would be interested in trying since they do not like the side effects of the medication Kyle is currently taking.

I would recommend this blog to other families with children with ASD. It has a bit of humor, realism, frustration, positivity, thankfulness, and honesty. I am sure other parents of children with ASD could appreciate and relate to a lot of Autism Daddy’s posts. It may not provide a lot of advice, but they may enjoy reading what he has to say. I know I did!